Livro The Eletric Power Engeneering

The Eletric Power Engineering Handbook
  Autor -L. L. Grigsby
Páginas - 950
Tamanho - 25,42MB


1- Electric Power Generation: Non-Conventional Methods Saifur Rahman
2- Electric Power Generation: Conventional Methods Rama Ramakumar
3- Transformers James H. Harlow
4- Transmission System George G. Karady
5- Substations John D. McDonald
6- Distribution Systems William H. Kersting
7- Electric Power Utilization Andrew Hanson
8- Power System Analysis and Simulation L.L. Grigsby and Andrew Hanson
9- Power System Protection Arun Phadke
10- Power System Transients Pritindra Chowdhuri
11- Power System Dynamics and Stability Richard G. Farmer
12- Power System Operation and Control Bruce F. Wollenberg
13- Power System Planning (Reliability) Gerald B. Sheblé
14- Power Electronics Mark Nelms
15- Power Quality S.M. Halpin


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